Born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Colleen Leduc grew up in Winnipeg’s vibrant West End.  Interested in Art from a young age, Colleen spent much of her childhood creating and studying Art.  When Colleen was 12 years old, her father and step-mother moved to White Rock, British Columbia.  Colleen spent Summers and Spring Breaks on the West Coast, and continued living in Winnipeg during the school years with her mother and step-father.  The exposure to British Columbia’s Environmental Art Scene in the 1980’s left a influence on Colleen’s Art.  This passion for sustainability is reflected in the Art she produces.    In 1997, Colleen received her Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours, with First Class Honours from the University of Manitoba.  In 1999, she received her Bachelor of Education, Cum Laude, from The University of Ottawa.  Upon receiving her Education Degree, Colleen spent a year teaching Art in The Bahamas.  In 2000, Colleen returned to Ottawa, where she continued teaching, creating Art, and creating a family with her husband, Jamie Leduc.  In 2007, Colleen and her family moved to Winnipeg.  Colleen has been happy to return to her home town of Winnipeg, with its strong Arts community.  She is the Special Art and Clayworks instructor at WAG Studio, and a member of the Artist Mother’s at MAWA group and Artist Teachers Group at MAWA.

Currently, Colleen is making a sculptural series of Winnipeg buildings, using repurposed cardboard boxes, found objects, collage, and a variety of art mediums.

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